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Meet Viktor

Viktor is a wild boar of the lower classes in a world of political stereotypes. An overweight Balkan ruffian who constantly struggles with keeping his job, his home and his good manners, Viktor dreams of a better world without hunger, poverty or powerful authority figures who aren't him.

After his turbulent youth full of adventure, fear, several strong blows to the head and a short prison sentence, Viktor tried living a calmer life, working as a street sweeper. Unfortunately, that life didn't last very long, mostly because of his long tongue and short temper. Getting fired caused his biggest stroke of megalomania yet, which sent him on his new life quest, a quest to take over the Empire and fix everything that's wrong with the world.

Unlike most lead characters in point and click adventures, Viktor is not a one-dimensional good-mannered cynic. His mood can be happy, confused, scared or raging mad. He can laugh, yell and sometimes even whisper, if satiated. It's almost as if he was a real humanoid boar in steampunk Austria-Hungary.