Viktor steampunk adventure title board

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About the authors

Sven, the Illustrator

Sven graduated from the Academy Of Fine Arts, made a multitude of children's books, board games and comics and illustrated countless elementary school textbooks and magazines. He loves entertaining people, running tabletop role-playing games, LARPs and claiming he will learn to play guitar even better than Lister from Red Dwarf.

Zvonimir, the Animator

A cartoon enthusiast since early childhood, loves to make free comics and cartoons with simple yet mind boggling humor. Enjoys eating unhealthy food, playing tabletop role-playing games and LARPs, aggravating people, visiting flea markets, collecting Legos and Nerf guns, shooting people with Nerf guns and then hiding under blankets.

Aleksandar, the Programmer

Born and raised on 90s classic adventure and role-playing video-games. Currently studying Computer Science at the University of Zagreb. He hopes for a bright future in game development or, if that fails, a cushy government job. Loves terrible puns, trash television shows, junk food and everything else that is bad for you.