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"Viktor, a Steampunk Adventure" is a beautiful 2D point and click adventure game set in a cartoonish early 20th century. The story follows Viktor, a wild boar who tries to cope with the loss of his job by going on a quest to become a new Emperor of Austria-Hungary.

This game features many hours of fun gameplay with a dozen minigames, from puzzles to fight sequences to race games. Viktor's crazy journey takes him through beautifully drawn and animated steampunk versions of Vienna, Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Dante's Inferno, and a few more.

What's a good game without good characters? Apart from a lot of silly characters, Viktor will encounter many famous figures, such as Franz Kafka, H.G. Wells, Nikola Tesla, Lake Kubilius, Dr. Jekyll and many, many more.

The people making it are three game enthusiasts from Croatia, united under the name "Studio Spektar". During the two years of its development, Viktor received media coverage on many adventure gaming portals and won the Most Creative Upcoming Indie Game award on one of the biggest games shows in Europe, Reboot Infogamer. After two years of development, the game is set to be released on Steam in March 2017.

Fact Sheet

Studio Spektar
Based in Zagreb, Croatia

Founded in 2005.


Press / Business Contact:
Sven Nemet



Reboot Develop - Most creative upcoming indie game


"Viktor – Taking Indie Games to a New Level of Cheeky"
Rincon Games

"It’s the craziness that really shines through in this game though, the humour, the willingness to just smash through accepted social norms"
Indie Game News

"Pretty demented and beautifully hand-drawn point-and-click adventure"

"In a word, demented raucousness."
Game Boomers

"This tagline was set to be an animal pun - but they boar me."
Honest Gamers

"Point&click avantura Viktor nas smješta u zanimljivu steampunk reviziju Austro-Ugarske imperije."

"Teško je odlučiti se jesam li više uživao u grafičkom izričaju ili humoru koji je riješen suvišne političke koreknosti."
Fair for all

"Igra prepuna humora, bizarluka i vrckavosti koju su napravili ljudi koji su točno takvi"

"Viktor erscheint am 17. März auf Steam."

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"A game so bizarre and incredibly unique that it gives us anxiety to even talk about it."
Stoned Gamer

"Potential for mayhem is high."
Hardcore Gamer

"Does a remarkable job of blending exotic locations with comedy, psychological trauma, narcissism, and the unstable rantings of a megalomaniac mammal"
Overpowered noobs

"Viktor is a beautifully hand drawn point and click steampunk adventure, full of colorful characters, inventive puzzles and wonderfully irreverent humor."
Alpha Beta Gamer

"A great plus in the fairly crowded realm of adventure games."

"Otkvačena i originalna 2D point and click avantura."
Fair for all

"I for one am certainly interested with what is on offer"
Indie Retro News

"A crazy, crazy world"
Game Boomers

"I really like the look of this one!"
Indie Game News 

"engage in such fun activities"

"This Game Is Anything BUT Boaring! (sorry)"

"Viktor is a pig on a mission"

"Vepar Viktor spašava stanovnike Autro-Ugarske"

"Ako ste anarhist, prijatelj životinja, ljubitelj point-and-click avantura, borac za prava podjarmljenih, cijenite zdravu ironiju ili skrivate neki steampunk kostim u ormaru, nije li to dovoljan razlog da kojim klikom i dolarom poduprete

"Viktor u pohodu na Austro-Ugarsko prijestolje!"

"Viktor - nova avantura hrvatskog tima"

"Pomozite vepru Viktoru u pohodu na Kickstarter"

"Domaća avantura Viktor dobila Indiegogo kampanju"

Fight the Power in Steampunk Adventure Viktor

Hrvatska point’n’click video igra "Viktor" trenutno vodi borbu na Indiegogo

Infogamer igranje – Srijeda

Humoristična i zanimljiva priča iza igre Viktor
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Ο Viktor το αγριογούρουνο θέλει να γίνει αυτοκράτορας [ενημέρωση]

Crowdfunding Roundup u.a. mit Journey Down, Bertram Fiddle und Allison Road
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Viktor visits the botanical garden Viktor at the dirigibledrome in Agram The upper floor of the dirigibledrome Viktor meets Gustav Klimt in the dungeons of Dr. Frankenstein A seedy bar in Prague The world map
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