Studio Spektar has many years of experience in illustration and animation. We can give life to any virtual content, whatever it may be.

Character animation

If you have an adorable little creature that lacks mobility, we are ready to add bones to it and take it out for some training and exercise! We can make your character run, jump, howl at the moon, drive a motorcycle, play football or sail yachts on any day of the month!

Animating texts and objects

Have you ever wanted to breathe life into your title, logo or banner with animated effects? We're here to enliven your text, draw attention to your work and spark a flame in someone's heart. Our animations can be exported as gifs, Flash objects, Youtube videos or film.

Music videos and cartoons

If you want to visually enhance your advertising campaign or a piece of music, we can create visually attractive animations in various art styles ranging from abstract to realistic, 2D or 3D, stop-motion or cartoonish... Animations can be a great birthday or anniversary gift, from music videos to animated trailers and greeting cards, every animation is affordable, professional, and tailored to your needs!

The price varies depending on the project's complexity. If you have any ideas or questions, contact us.