Painter and illustrator Sven Nemet is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and has accumulated many years of experience illustrating textbooks, books for children, t-shirts, comics, posters, fliers, CD covers, even wall paintings. Some of his publishers include many companies including Profil, Večernji list, Školska knjiga, PC Play, Kapitol, Amabilis, Autorska kuća and many others.

We offer various types of design depending on your needs - creating a logo for your company, making posters,leaflets, stickers, roll-ups, banners, flags, t-shirts, pens, lighters or any other physcial or digital items. Our illustrations can be done in various art styles ranging from abstract to realistic, plasticine, caricatural, cartoonish, or even completely digital. Feel free to take a look at our gallery for some examples.