Video game development

Video games are currently our favourite activity. We can design a full range of various game genres, depending on your needs. Reviews of our games can be found all over the web, and we are proud winners of the prestigious award for the most creative indie game on Reboot Infogamer 2014.

For companies

If you see how your brand would be more effective with some interactive fun or if you just need additional promotion, we can create a fun game for PC, Android or web. Not only can we implement your ideas, our team is also very skilled in the every other aspect of game development like illustrating, animating, user interface, scriptwriting, sound production and anything else.

Game as a gift

If you want a simple game as a gift (for example, as a wedding invitation) we can develop a simple and fun game in no time and at acceptable costs. Send an interactive gift to your loved ones or give your guests an illustrated puzzle which tells them where that extra cool party gift is hiding!

For you

If you have any questions or ideas of your own, contact us and we will determine the scope and price of your project together.