Board game development

Studio spektar has published several tabletop board games. All the members of our team are big fans of board games, ranging from complex tactical RPGs to simple party games. Every game we make is designed with great effort, love and a lot of attention given to clarity, fun and excitement for it's target audience.

Boardgames as promotion

Do you get sad when people throw away the box after they buy your product? Would you like to deliver a boardgame to all the fans of your franchise? Or maybe a fun game as an addition to your product? Studio Spektar designs games that easily fit your needs.

Educational games

If you want children and grown ups to learn more about your city, state or natural reserve, we can make a game just for you. Apart from working with kids of all ages in art and programming workshops, our team members have already created two board games tailored to young audiences. Our love for history, geography and ecology is another guarantee that the game will be educational, as well as fun.

Fun card games

Do you and your friends or colleagues want a fun game about themselves with all their subtle in-jokes included? Or maybe you just want your favorite card game like Poker or Uno, but with personalized cards (for example with cards picturing your friends). In any case, contact us and we can work out the details together.